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Eyelash Extension

*NEW* Eyelash extensions have become a staple in every woman’s routine. Our unique services let you explore a side of beauty that will bring out your inner goddess. 


A classic set of individual silk lashes. One extension per natural eyelash. Our Serpent set is layers of single extensions, giving you a sleek and dangerously sexy look  


Reach heaven with our original Russian volume set! 3-5D handmade fans using .07mm thickness creating an angelic whispy look. 


Wild and dramatic. Our Sinner set of extensions gives you the best of both worlds above and below ! Mixing classic & Russian volume for a sinful look! 


Dark and full. Our Medusa set gives you the strip lash look without the weight. We use very thin .03/.05mm thickness to create a look that will turn anyone to stone.   

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